Hikes in The Pacific Northwest - Different Types of Hikes

Different Types of Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

How many different types of hiking are there? Everyone has their own opinion on this, but I broke them done into these three areas below. I recently moved to this side of the country and discovered what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I have never hiked before, so this is my way of sharing my experience and more.

Day Hikes - When a Day is All You Have!

Some of the hikes I have done that can be done in less than a day. These can range from an hour to an entire day. Check out some of the best hikes in the area!

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Backpacking Hikes - Go Where No Car or ATV Can Get To!

A few days in the wild does a person some good! You get to choose where you go and almost always have views that you don't expect. Get out there, but be prepared. Let me know if you know some good hikes to try out.

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Camping Trips - Various Hikes from A Camping Base!

I may not camp very often, but there are plenty of sites around the Pacific Northwest to camp at with hikes right beside you. They may not be obvious, so hope this helps with planning your next camping trip!

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